Chez Paris is a Four Star Establishment

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  Sea Shells Bathroom

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  Moulin Rouge Bathroom

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  Moulin Rouge Bedroom

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Chez Paris policies and conditions

To ensure the continued safety and comfort of all our guests, certain policies are in place for visitors to Chez Paris. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us.

Breakfast & dinner

We serve a full English breakfast, including yoghurt, cereals and fruits, that is included in our rates. Although our rates do not include dinners, they are available on request and with prior notice. If relevant, dietary requirements should be communicated beforehand.

Extended stay and group bookings

Rates for extended stays and group bookings will be negotiated to suit long-term guests. Please contact us in this regard to make arrangements.


According to South African tobacco legislation, all indoor areas are non-smoking. Smokers are kindly to smoke outside at the guest braai area next to the pool.


All bookings are to be confirmed by fax or email. A 50% deposit within 48 hours of confirmation will secure accommodation. The balance is due before arrival via EFT or credit card or upon arrival in cash. Credit cards (MasterCard and Visa only) are accepted. Banking details for online payments will be made available on request. Cheques are unfortunately not accepted.


In the event of premature departure, the full period of the booking remains payable. Cancellations will be subject to the following fees:


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